Nina Luna grew up surrounded by music just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a place with a rich local music scene and a history of producing musical icons like Prince and Bob Dylan. Her mother, also a musician, sang and played the guitar and her father loved listening to old records as well as discovering all types of new music. At the age of 4, Nina was walking around the house belting her favorite songs from Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas, perfectly in tune and every word memorized. She took piano and guitar lessons and began writing songs at the age of 11. Singing was always her first love though and she looked up to powerful vocalists like Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera. In high school, she released her first EP, a collection of 6 songs which were recorded at The Brewhouse Studio in Minneapolis. She moved to New York City to attend New York University as a European Studies major and to experience the creative inspiration and energy that comes from being part of the greatest city in the world, all the while writing, performing and releasing new music.

Towards the end of college, Nina found herself frustrated, struggling to find producers to work with who understood her vision for the new music she wanted to create. She decided to try her hand at producing her own music, teaching herself how to use Garageband and then Logic on her laptop in her bedroom, experimenting with influences of folk, R&B and pop. She released her first self-produced 4-track EP the summer after graduating from NYU and was pleasantly surprised by the positive response from friends, fans and music blogs. Over the course of the next few years, Nina released several singles and another EP, experimenting with different sounds and writing styles, producing on her own and occasionally collaborating with other producers as well.

Eventually Nina realized that New York City was no longer the source of inspiration for her that it had once been so in the spring of 2016, she relocated to Los Angeles, excited to explore the booming LA music scene and ready for a change of scenery in the form of sunshine and palm trees. It was in LA that she decided it was time to start fresh as an artist and so Nina Luna was born. She released her first single as Nina Luna, a song called “Blaze”, in January 2017. The track debuted on Spotify’s official Weekly Buzz playlist and quickly racked up over 80k streams on Spotify alone. Since that initial release, Nina Luna has put out an EP and a number of singles, building a catalogue that highlights her talent for writing and producing sincere, emotional, memorable pop songs with a signature mystical, ethereal, even cinematic, character. She is currently happily back based in NYC.

Nina Luna’s new single “Out of My Hands” (written, recorded, produced and mixed by Nina), out everywhere April 26th, 2019, is the first single off of her upcoming EP and marks the next phase of her journey. Fresh off of a recent two-week acoustic solo tour through the American Southwest this spring, her new music combines the depth and emotion of her classic singer-songwriter origins with her love for singalong-worthy modern pop hits and carries a sense of mature worldliness. While the sound is distinctly Nina Luna, the listener can hear and feel, in the lyrics as well as the instrumentation, her growth and evolution as an artist, a musician and a woman. Stay tuned for more Nina Luna in 2019!